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Wed 430pm Twinkle.JPG
Tuesday Glitter 2.JPG
Wed Glitter 1.JPG
Wed Glitter 2.JPG
Wed 530 Twinkle.JPG
Wed 9am Twinkle.JPG
Tuesday Twinkle.JPG
Tuesday Glitter 1.JPG
Thurs Glitter 2.JPG
Thurs Glitter 1.JPG
Tues Hip Hop 1.JPG
Thurs Glitter 3.JPG
Thurs Twinkle.JPG
Thurs 8pm Hip Hop.JPG
Thurs 530 Hip Hop.JPG
Straight Up and MJ .JPG
Mon Int Lyrical.JPG
Mon Glitter 1.JPG
Jr.Sparkler Lyrical.jpg
Mon Int Jazz.JPG
Beginner Ballet.JPG
Mom Dance 2023.jpg
Advanced Ballet.JPG
Advanced Lyrical.JPG
Advanced Tap 2.JPG
Advanced Jazz.JPG

2023 Recital Gallery

Photo Credit TSS Photography

We are FAMILY FRIENDLY and AGE-APPROPRIATE in all aspects of our program, from our costume and music selection, choreography, and how we teach. We strongly believe children should remain children without sacrificing all the glitter, tulle, fringe, and sequins!!
This gallery includes photos not found elsewhere on our site; you are free to browse but not download.

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